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Have been playing the guitar all afternoon.

I can honestly say it's never sounded so good or played so well.

Simon P,  North Shore 

Guitar is playing great. Thanks very much again.

Al M,  North Shore

Thank you so much for your work.  They play amazing.

Max L,  North Shore

Thanks heaps mate, she's sounding great

Harry W, North Shore

Guitar is playing great - thanks very much again !

Al M, North Shore

It is fantastic.  I now love the sound it is giving. Thanks a million. 

Joe P,   K Road

Both of us are very happy with the work on  the guitars !

Oscar G,  Devonport


Thanks for the great job and doing it so quickly - plays great now!

Sinan K, Pt. Chef


Thank you so much Mark.   It's sounding amazing.

Jodine B, Glenfield

Thank you so much.  It looks like new.  I absolutely love it!

Ariana B, Devonport

The work you've done to restore my very old Fender is beyond expectations.  

It's like brand new, actually its even better now than when I first bought it.  

Thank you !!!

Aaron S, Rosedale


Thanks again for the work you did.  He is thrilled.

Heather B, Bayview

Thank you Mark!!

I'm so stoked and the guitar is playing seamlessly 👍👍👍

Jay H, Whangaparāoa

Thank you very much Mark. The guitar is running  brilliantly.

Aaron S, Takapuna

Hi Mark.  Just made payment.

Thank you for the great work

Bernie A, Takapuna

Thanks Mark.

Lovely job on the SG it’s a real pleasure to play now😊👍

Matt M, Devonpoprt

In tune at last!

[Resonator] sounds great - really full sound and (weirdly) louder!

Cheers Mark

Grant D, Takapuna

Thanks Mark, plays beautifully now

Martin T,  Two Dogs Studio

Just received this one back!!!

Got lost in it for sure, feels like a new guitar.

Big fan of Mark’s work and can’t recommend him enough.


Noah P, Depot Sound

Very happy with Mark's work on this guitar.

Will use him from now on for any guitar work that I require.

Excellent job.

Martin T, Two Dogs Studio

Mark brought my pride and joy back to life!

After I did a great job of killing the bridge pickup, Mark was able to get 'er going quick as poss.

Feels like new, fun to play again. Keen to knock off for the day and drive the neighbours crazy :P Thanks Mark!

Matt R, Hillcrest

Cleaned up, restrung and feels great. Excellent work.

Matt R, Hillcrest

Thanks to Mark at The Guitar Workshop for a great job fixing up my guitar.  

Friendly , professional and accommodating.  

It plays like a dream!

Alisdair M, Devonport

Mark was fantastic to work with - super knowledgeable, super easy to communicate with and I’m unbelievably stoked with the guitar I now have.

It’s still the guitar I love but I also love to play it now!

A real craftsman. 10/10

Noah P,  Depot Sound

You’ve done a fantastic job on the Red Ibanez..  The set up is spot on.  It sounds amazing 

Bernie A, Takapuna


It's playing really nicely.  Loving the changes.

Andy S, Northcote 

The Strat feels and sounds next level.  Does exactly what I was looking for.  Couldn't be happier.

Sven P, Bayswater

Just made the payment.  Many thanks.  The Ibanez is playing great!

Bernie A, Takapuna

Top job done on refurb of my Fender Squier.  Plays really well and no more annoying buzz from the bridge saddles

Etienne M, Birkdale

Mark from The Guitar Workshop does brilliant work on my guitars. One thing I love about my guitars going to Mark is that we communicate back and forth as to exactly the way I want the guitar to sound and feel.  This way it comes back sounding and feeling right on point.

Sven P, Bayswater

I have had the Guitar Workshop guys give some much needed attention to two guitars so far and wow!!  Both are better than new in both looks and playability … has given our playing a new lease of life!

Phil B, Cheltenham

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